Motivational Vlog: Just Be Yourself

Motivational Vlog: Just Be Yourself

So i seen a sign on the back of a trailer saying “Be Yourself” along with some other text and it got me thinking on the ride into work. I try to go all motivational on you all and soon come to realize that its just not me haha.

We are unfortunately in a world these days surrounded by people trying to be someone else. May it be in your daily life or even within your virtual life.

I myself along with many other people seem to have this sense when it comes to these types of people and i can smell them a mile away. Its cringe worthy and most of the time its unbearable to even stand by and watch. To add to this there are also many types of people who go day by day faking what they are and only just scrape by. I feel for these people because when reality does catch up with them, its going to hit them hard.

I am a very openly spoken person and actually have to hold in the majority of the time. Not to try to be someone else, but purely out of professionalism. I am a firm believer that one days, these people will get whats coming to them.

One thing your are most guaranteed to get with me is transparency as i have nothing to hide. I will openly show how boring i am with pleasure as there’s something i will not give up without a fight, and that’s my pride.

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