What is Canvas Photo Paper?

What is Canvas Photo Paper?

This is a common question people have asked as they searched through the series of different photo paper choices. So let’s take a moment and talk about both canvas photo paper and canvas photo printing in general.

Let us start off with canvas photo paper itself. This is still your traditional style of photo paper or ink jet paper so that you can make copies from your computer on your. The big difference here is the fact that the paper itself has a certain look to it that makes it look like an older canvas sort of oil painting. The canvas appearance of the paper is already designed in, which means you can take any sort of traditional photo, be it something new or old and printed out on this paper and make it look like it was a painting of some sort.

Really, it is just a great way to be artistic with your printings and it allows you to do something completely different from what the traditional inkjet photo printer would do.

The canvas of photo printing is something that is very different from printing on canvas. This sort of printing is done on a huge scale is quite often used as signs or banners for a business or event. To give you an idea, a designer would create a look on the computer for the banner or sign, and the design would be sent to the printing company that would then use that design to print out a large sign on flexible and weather resistant canvas. These can be a really great because they are easy to roll up and store or move around, while at the same time when you set them up they are incredibly large and can easily draw the attention of viewers from several feet away.

In terms of stability and strength there is little that compares to a banner or sign that is created on canvas. The only drawback to using sheet material to write out your sign is that they are very susceptible to windy areas, which can affect their usefulness. To adjust for this the canvas printings can have small vees or half circles cut into the material to allow the air to flow through. And while this takes away some of the strength of the banner, in the long run it will last much longer if it is not being whipped around by the wind.

In general, as you can see canvas photo paper printing is important part of what can be done with your photo printer. It is worth experimenting with the different styles of photo paper to find a look that can be truly original. The faux canvas look that the photo paper can provide will really make your pictures look different and allow you to add that extra bit of style to your collection.

Source by James Steele on http://ezinearticles.com/?id=1773855

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