This is Really Nice Cars from Celebrity Cars for Sale

This is Really Nice Cars from Celebrity Cars for Sale

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Sylvester Stallone Car Collection – Celebrity

goforwand31 1 year ago
These cars don’t impress me that much since I’m not a fan of these newer gadget ridden computer things. I am more a classic car person and will taken them any day over these. But good for him on his collection. It’s always fun to enjoy things you can get a hold off.

RPG 808 1 year ago
Sly used to drive that Lamb he used in Rocky IV. That was a bad boy. Back in the 80’s he was training at Santa Monica Bodybuilding Center. I also trained there and would see him and his bodyguards workout. When that baby pulled into the parking lot the whole gym would vibrate. “Sly’s here.”

Meek Mill’s Car Collection – Celebrity Car

Robert Williams, popularly known by his stage name as Meek Mill, is a hip hop recording artist from the United States. Meek Mill owns Dream Chasers Records which he founded on October 26, 2012. Meek Mill’s music career began with his three friends forming the rap group, The Bloodhoundz on which they were able to released four mixtapes.

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