WHICH ENDURO PROTECTIVE GEAR?: Armor, boots, helmets, neck braces, knee braces, goggles

WHICH ENDURO PROTECTIVE GEAR?: Armor, boots, helmets, neck braces, knee braces, goggles

From http://www.crosstrainingenduro.com Protective gear for dirt riding helps a lot with preventing or minimising injury, but there’s a lot of debate about how far do you go? This includes, helmets, boots, body armour, knee braces, neck braces and goggles.

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Let’s start with what most riders see as the essentials: Helmet, Boots, Knee guards, Goggles, Gloves. These enduro training vids cover many dirt riding skills and dirt bike techniques for improved off road riding. Cross training applies trials to enduro techniques.

The good news? Any helmet approved by a major helmet standard does a reasonable job of protecting you, yes even the cheap ones.

Lower leg injuries are extremely common, we recommend get the best boots you can afford. These vids provide an introduction on how to ride dirt bikes with our 70 free training vids. Many of these riding tips come from Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch and other top extreme enduro riders to form the concept of cross training – a blend of trials and enduro techniques.

KNEE GUARDS. Some riders don’t use these, but most of us see them as essential.
GOGGLES. These are a no brainer. The huge risk with wearing sunglasses is that stick or branch that wants to gouge out your eye.
GLOVES. Another no brainer. It can be worth having a bit of armour on the knuckles and fingers, especially if you aren’t using a full set of handguards on the handlebars.

The rise of extreme enduro, endurocross and hard enduro events has led to cross training – trials skills applied to dirt riding on enduro bikes. Subscribe to this channel for endurocross training, enduro techniques and dirt bike skills.

Now what about the protective gear that many see as optional?
KNEE BRACES offer a lot more protection than basic knee guards. Knee injuries are extremly common with bone fractures, blood vessel or nerve damage and injury to four main ligaments. An excellent study revealed that proper braces halve your chances of knee injury.

NECK BRACES. There’s a lot of debate around these due to so little information.

There is so much available here, but no research that I could find for offroad riders. What do all the world’s best extreme enduro riders have in common? Almost without exception they are former trials champions who applied who have applied trials techniques to their dirt riding skills to tackle some of the world’s toughest events – Romaniacs, Erzberg, The Roof of Africa and Hells Gate.

Most offroad pants have some padding for the hip. It’s a high impact area so the more the better. Some riders wear padded underwear too for extra protection.

So there’s a basic overview of protective gear. I’ll leave a space here if more info comes up as we do some more detailed vids. Ride safe, guys!

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