Fighting Sports 14 ounce boxing glove review

Fighting Sports 14 ounce boxing glove review

DISCLAIMER: ITS just my opinion and nothing official!

Fighting Sports 14 ounce boxing glove review

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Glad to be back!

This video is my first attempt, free-styling at reviewing my Fighting Sports Boxing gloves, as I always get asked what they are like to wear etc. So here is my honest opinion. I do not intend to offend anyone but if you are easily offended, please do not watch my videos. I am human and like to have fun and not be so serious……….So jokes aside.

So whilst I wait for my video to upload, I will also attempt to write a review, without sounding like a silly person.

Good First impression: Small, compact, light, nice leather, like winning & liking the white colour too.

Bad First impression: They are not winning 🙁 the thumb looks tiny, they look like bag gloves and I still want winning gloves 🙁

But I have a Winning head Guard 😉 Review too come soon! Its Awesome…….

RRP: £103.00 including delivery from

Also available online just search Google Shopping.

so on the Fighting Sports Boxing Glove

After sparring: Umm so they are not Grant’s, meaning that they are not a defensive glove. They do not have enough padding in the thumbs and wrist area for that, but it is decent for what its worth. Also they feel compact, so they are more of a snipers glove who tends to move a lot. Why do I say that? So that you do not have to block a lot of shots on the gloves and stay out of range when not punching.

Just my opinion remember folks, calm down.

So, the laces are really thick and compliment the glove really well. They grip nicely and stay tied. But I must say, they have knotted really easily with pulls, creating an uneven lace.

The Writing on the Gloves underneath is really cheaply done and it does rub off onto the underpart of the glove, which is annoying as it generally stains lightly with a really pale blue when I use my cleaner on it. WARNING! Do not put on a bare radiator as the fighting sign in BLUE rubs off! Use a towel on the radiator to avoid direct contact or some other material.

but they do clean up nice around the punching area of the glove, so keep them clean especially in White, and you will be impressed.

The inside maintain a decent temperature and do not feel too cramped. The glove after wearing in a couple of times can open and close nicely but you do not struggle to make a full fist.

The Dreaded THUMB area, its not nice and can lead to one thinking they did it on purpose, so that you chose your shots more carefully and become a sniper as it happens rather frequently. But then again I am comparing this to my GRANT 14 ounce Pro boxing gloves, which are frigging awesome!

Overall Good value glove for the money and I would recommend to someone who is not deluded and thinks he is getting Winning or Grant gloves for cheaper.

If on a budget and these fall in range, you should not be disappointed as long as you maintain the glove.

Hope you found this useful and if you have any questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints, leave them in the box below.

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