Under Armour Glove Juice Review

Under Armour Glove Juice Review

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A product I have been really wanting to review since the first time I saw it, UA Glove Juice, a football glove grip cleaner that restores the grip to your football gloves when they become dirty.

My recommendation for using this product is
1. For the best results use the glove juice on a pair of gloves that have been broken in. I found that using the glove juice didn’t help brand new gloves get even more grip.
2. It’s best to start using the glove juice when your gloves start to become dirty and lose some other there grip. Then just follow the method that the packaging says to do for cleaning the gloves grip.
3. It would help gloves maintain their stickiness if you applied the glove juice on your gloves after practice or a game and then by letting them air dry you will have the stick back on your gloves when it time to use them again.

Hope these recommendations help some!

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