Mechanix M-pact III Glove Review

Mechanix M-pact III Glove Review

Below is the a link the the model I prefer. It appears as if Mechanix prefers to sell the TAA M-pact 3s to military and law enforcement (correct me if I’m wrong). Although, I found them on other websites for $54. 54 bucks?!?! What the heck?! I got mine for $34. Mechanix wear is lowering on my list of respectable brands. They provide excellent gloves; however, almost doubling the price for the same product seems more like Martha Stewart tactics than design improvement.

I recently got the new M-pact III glove and there are some things that I like and some things I don’t like. Here I compare the new model with the old models, and give an in depth review of each model. Hope you enjoy the review and think it was helpful.

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