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Cold Weather & Winter Touring Motorcycle Gear Guide at Cold Weather Touring Motorcycle Gear has many of the same qualities as ADV Riding gear. The notable difference is going to be the lack of some of the most “space-age” and over-the-top technical features which typically increase the cost of ADV greatly. If you are not planning on taking your gear for a ride in the badlands or Dakar rally, then any of the gear in this guide should get you through most seasons and conditions. True ADV riding typically happens off-road, the Jackets, Pants, Gloves and Boots in this video will be primarily geared for a mix of mostly on-road and some less-extreme dualsport riding. All of the options in this guide will handle cold, breathability and precipitation very well, but they will all be varying levels of offroad technicality compared to some of the ADV options. Also the gear in this video will typically be slightly less pricey compared to their ADV counterparts by leaving some of the overkill tech features out. These combinations of gear will be best suited for long distance cold weather road riding for a mix of body types and dualsport / touring style bikes. Most of these jackets will also have great ventilation and removable liners as well for flexibility in the warmer seasons making them true 4-season options. REV’IT! Alpinestars, FirstGear, Olympia and Dainese are all detailed for 2010.

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Touring Gear Featured:
REV’IT! Sand Jacket and Sand Pants
FirstGear TPG Rainier Jacket and TPG Escape Pants
REV’IT! Legacy GTX Jacket and Legacy GTX Pants
Olympia AST Jacket and Ranger 2 Overpants
REV’IT! Dragon and REV’IT! Factor Pants
FirstGear Kilimanjaro Jacket and HT Overpants
Dainese D-System Jacket and D-System Pants

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